End of an Era

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2018 11:12 AM by K. Latham

An end of an era is coming here at the ol' day job. After some 24 years we are ending our dial-up internet access service.

In it's heyday we had thousands of people using our dial-up service. It use to take all day to do billing. I know, it use to be me that did it. Ha! Now we have less that 50 people still using dial-up access.

It's just not economical to keep those old modems up any more. So it's time to end this decades old means of internet access. It's a somber day, but we remember the good times.

So please join me in prayer for our dear departed dial-up friend.

Hmmmmmmm doot di doot doot di doot doot. Bee dot doooo squee do. Beeee di di di do da squaaa bee da din din skaaaaaaa skeeeee deeeeee whannnn shshshshshshsh.