7 Days to Die: Navezgane - Day 6 - Camp Mushroom

Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2023 03:27 PM by K. Latham

Navezgane County Arizona, a "rare Eden in a world of devastation", is the main location in 7 Days to Die. In the Apache language, “Navezgane” means "Killer of Monsters."

The 7th day horde is only a day away. So it's time to finally get my stuff in order, set up camp, and prepare for the horde. Welcome to Camp Mushroom.

Okay, honestly there was a lot of walking. I traveled the map to gather all the supplies I left in boxes all over the place. So, not a lot happened. Well, I did fall down a mine shaft again. D'oh!

This is more of a fresh play though of 7 Day to Die, there is little editing and terrible narration. I'm just playing for fun.