Friday. Friday afternoon.

Posted on Friday, December 01, 2023 03:12 PM by K. Latham
drowsy at the office

Just came down with a bad case of the three o’clock drowsy. Not sure where it came from. I was fine a few moments ago, now I’m yawning, and my eyelids feel heavy. There are just some workdays you can’t win.

I need to do some work on Monday’s newsletter, but I’m lacking motivation.

I still need to finish up the county section, start the history section, write the main topic, and select some artwork. I have a good idea for the main topic, but I may have missed the window for it. I’m hoping I can write it so it’s still timely without being so at the same time.

I also think the holiday break might have hurt some of my momentum regarding the newsletter. My last issue performed quite well compared to past editions. Then, I went on a two-week break for the Thanksgiving holiday. Timing! Hopefully, I can hook the audience again over the next three weeks, before yet another two-week break.

More Later. Time to go walk and wake up.