Oh, Bother - Episode 3 - New World

Posted on Sunday, June 30, 2024 11:55 PM by K. Latham

Oh, bother. Please bear with me as I find a suitable location to set up camp. I’m going to walk around town to see what’s here. I also need to find some honey, or this infection will be the end of me.

7 Days to Die (v1.0 exp)

I hope you are all well. This is a basic playthrough of 7 Days to Die version 1 experimental; there is a little editing and so-so narration. I'm just playing for fun.

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Have a blessed and well-caffeinated day.

- K.

--- Title: Oh, Bother
Episode: 3
Series: 7 Days To Die - New World
Recorded: June 30, 2024
0:00:00 Not Where I Left Off
0:01:44 North Side of Town
0:05:28 I Suck At Archery
0:08:36 East Side of Town
0:10:19 Trailer Full of Nope
0:14:49 Let's Craft A Pipe Pisto
l 0:16:27 South Side of Town
0:17:44 The Powell Residence
0:27:54 More South Side of Town
0:29:29 Another Trailer Full of Nope
0:32:03 Heading Back North
0:36:01 Trader Rekt
0:42:48 Scout Construction Site
0:44:35 Oh Pooh!
0:45:23 Spawn On My Bed
0:48:00 Maybe Camp Here
1:04:00 Sunrise