Camp Kodiak - Episode 4 - New World

Posted on Thursday, July 04, 2024 05:07 PM by K. Latham

It's been a long couple of days between building camp and doing jobs for Trader Rekt. Died once. Welcome to Camp Kodiak.

7 Days to Die (v1.0 exp)

I hope you are all well. This is a basic playthrough of 7 Days to Die version 1 experimental; there is a little editing and so-so narration. I'm just playing for fun.

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Title: Camp Kodiak
Episode: 4
Series: 7 Days To Die - New World
Recorded: July 4, 2024
Note: I'm experimenting with the edit. Added some sped up segments with YouTube Audio Library music beds.
Music: Crops by Telecasted, Modern Situations by Unicorn Heads, and Speak The Truth by Go By Ocean
0:00:00 New Hair Colors
0:01:30 Camp Kodiak
0:12:49 Off To Do A Job
0:15:00 The Richmond Residence
0:20:21 That Didn't Go Well
0:26:21 Trader Rekt
0:28:26 Supply Drop
0:29:52 Another Building Session
0:39:47 Off To Do Another Job
0:42:21 Oops Bed Roll, Back To Camp
0:44:59 Spark's Place
1:00:00 Trader Rekt
1:03:13 The Doll House
1:09:14 Trader Rekt
1:12:26 One More Building Session
1:20:30 Starting My Horde Platform
1:23:16 Crafting A Forge
1:35:26 Sunrise