Ever have one of those years.

Posted on Monday, November 15, 1999 12:00 AM by K. Latham
Ever have one of those years. Work has taken up about 90% of my time. Not leaving much time for anything, not that I am complaining. Had to not update my own page, so I can work on others. But that's okay, its what they pay me the medium sized bucks for.

Some of the time went to working on the Coaches Aid project. Coaches Aid is the Oklahoma high school sports information center. Going to be doing a small rework on it sometime after March. Also have been working on Oklahoma's and South Carolina's Coaches Association's web sites, this is all under the Coached Digest project (which is being sponsored by Coaches Aid)

And to top that, I have been working on the rework of ITLNet. Gotten some great feedback on that one.