2012-11-12 2:23:49pm

Goodbye DailyBooth it was nice to know you.

2012-11-06 7:18:24pm

Here's to you, other people who voted too.

2012-10-31 6:06:00pm

Who you gonna call? Old joke. Ha!
Enjoying a nice warm cup of Irish breakfast tea on this all hallow's eve at the small cold dark north facing windowless office. Happy Halloween everyone.

2012-10-28 7:21:34pm

Weekend crew at the office

2012-10-28 7:18:32pm

It's billing day at the small cold dark north facing windowless office. So I get to sit here and monitor as the software processes the company's accounts. Well at least I get some paperwork and reading caught up. Fun times.

2012-10-19 4:33:49pm

I am against bullying. #spiritday

2012-08-29 9:10:23pm

Found out my Kindle Fire will stay on my document stand. Actually going to be handy when looking up notes, etc. while I'm working on my main workstation.

2012-08-29 9:03:15pm

Using the latest in high tech equipment at the office.

2012-08-09 6:13:43pm

I was showing some co-workers the Radio Paradise HD app on my iPhone today. It shows a slideshow of great pictures in the mood of what is being played. You can also view/listen to this the iPad, Roku, and Online at

2012-07-20 6:05:21pm

Got a new laptop. Let's see how well the the webcam works on it.

2012-07-11 2:24:32pm

Laptop failed so I had to move my webcam to my main workstation. It just wouldn't work until... duh... I plugged it all the way into the USB port. Yep I'm a computer professional.

2012-06-22 2:06:15pm

Good Friday everyone.

Found out this morning Flipboard for Android is now out. It's available at Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Works great on the Kindle Fire. Details:

I've been using the Flipboard beta on my Kindle for some time and just love it. This new Android version works just as well as it's iPhone counterpart.

2012-06-08 2:13:02pm

Here's to you, Friday.

2012-06-06 8:45:43pm

HBOGo now on Kindle Fire.

2012-06-05 6:47:11pm

Showing off Flipboard for Android on my Kindle Fire. A really nice way to read through your Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr feeds. Now if they could only roll in Google+, since Google+ app is not available for Kindle Fire.

2012-06-04 7:48:14pm

It's another busy work day here at the cold dark north facing windowless office. So here's to you, Monday. O_o

2012-05-23 4:14:52pm

It's been a while since I dailybooth'd. Greetings once again from the small cold dark north facing windowless office.

2012-03-03 7:54:23pm

Back at the small cold dark north facing windowless office. Doing some work on the new Blog Oklahoma web site. Hoping to get it done in the next few weeks. Then I'll be able to get back to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2012-02-24 10:48:23pm

Testing out the webcam on my new workstation. It's been a busy week here at the small cold dark north facing windowless office.

2012-01-06 8:43:35pm

Good advice right there on my iPhone to start off 2012 here on Dailybooth.

2011-12-22 10:47:30pm

It's not called the small COLD dark north facing office for nothing you know. Finishing up a bit of office work before the Christmas weekend. Merry Christmas everyone.

2011-12-03 8:03:47pm

Finished recording another Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2011-11-23 9:48:26pm

Getting ready for a four day Thanksgiving holiday. It's going to be nice to be away from keyboard for four whole days.

T-shirt: /(bb|[^b]{2})/

Hint: shakespearean geek humor

2011-11-19 10:06:31pm

Another podcast recorded.
Blog Oklahoma Podcast 85: Just Checking In

2011-11-12 8:59:37pm

Another Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2011-10-31 8:35:27pm

Happy Halloween from the small cold dark north facing windowless office.

2011-10-24 2:43:31pm

Coffee time!

I see Dailybooth is working again. Couldn't get it to save any pictures on Saturday afternoon.

2011-10-15 8:21:12pm

Finishing up on this week's Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2011-10-08 9:31:41pm

Getting a late start, but I'm about ready to record another episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2011-10-01 9:54:47pm

Recording another episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

Oh and it's homecoming at NWOSU. Go Rangers!!

2011-09-24 7:51:06pm

Getting ready to record a new episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

2011-09-21 9:19:48pm

Got my Jack-O-Lantern out of storage. Ready for October.

2011-09-19 6:21:55pm

You never know what's lurking on people's keyboards, it's best to be prepared. So I thought I'd share another another office product that I like. It's Sani-Hands instant hand sanitizing wipes. I like these better than using gel sanitizer. The container fits nicely in one of my desk drawers for easy access and less mess.

Which in a round about way just reminded me to jot down office flu shot day on my calendar. It's just next week.

2011-09-15 6:48:47pm

When I moved my desk I didn't realize one thing, its now directly under the air vent. Time to break out the office sweater. ;-)

2011-08-30 2:16:39pm

When I cleaned up my office this weekend I thought it be nice to also update the air freshener. Just about everyone here at the office seems to like the scent I found, Febreze falling leaves & spice. I picked up the spray and the oil freshener. This is one of those seasonal editions they like to put out, so I'm going to pick up a few extras. Yes I know this sounds like an ad. Ha!

2011-08-28 8:44:29pm

It's been years since I last rearranged the office. It was due.

2011-08-15 8:53:24pm

Finally got my project scheduling all worked out. This might not look like a lot, but it took most of the day to work out this list. At least now I can get some work done without too many worries on when I can work on them.

2011-08-11 4:01:23pm

Getting to work on something new today. Learning how to use RFID readers.

2011-08-09 8:59:54pm

I need to clean off that table behind me. I hardly ever use that PC.

2011-08-01 8:03:22pm

Someone has been messing with my chair.

2011-07-22 8:52:05pm

Okay I admit it. I go to Carl's Jr. way too much.

2011-07-19 9:04:30pm

My new favorite flavor of Doritos. Tapatio Hot Sauce. The mistake was bringing this big ol' bag to the office. Going to have to take this back out to the Jeep so I'll quick snacking on 'em. Safety Tip: Don't rub your eyes after eating these chips. You'll probably say a few choice words if you do. Ha!.

2011-07-12 3:32:56pm

Back from vacation yesterday. It was good to get away, but it's also good to get back to work. Also means I'm drinking coffee again after a week off of that too. Working on my second cup now (large cup too).

2011-06-23 8:54:29pm

Moved my webcam to test out a streaming video service. Didn't need it pointed at me all day. So today a handful of people got to see my drinking happy bird.

2011-06-20 6:56:45pm

Don't you just love what 20 mph 100 degree wind does to your hair. Ha!

2011-06-01 9:24:27pm

I really like my new Otter Box case for my iPhone 4. It's too bad I had to cover it up. The iPhone 4 looks nice, but it was hard to keep hold of. The nice rubberized grip of the Otter box case makes it worth the cost.

2011-05-25 9:05:26pm

Never under estimate the importance of good database design. The next person to work with your database will thank you.

2011-05-14 11:11:52pm

Relaxing in the backyard.

2011-05-10 9:23:54pm

Via dailybooth iPhone app.

2011-05-10 9:19:33pm

Good Tuesday everyone. So nice to have a working iPhone again. :-)

2011-05-09 9:22:14pm

Happy Monday. Nice hot dry wind blowing outside. Who needs a hair dryer when you live in Oklahoma during the Spring/Summer.

2011-04-27 4:03:41pm

It's of day of little tasks working up to big tasks here at the office. Looking forward to next week already. New projects to explore.

2011-04-18 1:18:07pm

Another Monday at the office. Another fine cup of coffee. Have a great and productive week everyone.

2011-04-13 9:43:19pm

Wearing my baseball shirt today.

2011-04-06 7:51:23pm

Drinking Happy Bird and friends keeping me company at the office.

2011-04-05 6:19:58pm

Okay why is it doing that. I think dailybooth's flash app is interfering with iTunes playback. Hmmmm.

2011-04-04 8:20:37pm

Another day, another diet Dr. Pepper.

2011-03-30 1:36:55pm

Another cold morning at the office. Should warm up tomorrow. Tired of being cold. Stopped at McD's for breakfast. I like their coffee.

2011-03-28 9:05:01pm

I thought it was spring? It's cold in my office.

2011-03-25 4:06:51pm

Mark stopped by to visit the office. Always nice to see Mark.

2011-03-23 1:34:19pm

Happy Tuesday everyone. Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the work day off right.

2011-03-21 6:50:55pm

Monday at the office

2011-03-18 3:13:51pm

Working on inbox zero at the moment.

2011-03-17 1:07:31pm

Tasty oatmeal in a cup. Happy wear'n O' the green day.

2011-03-16 9:17:10pm

Another day at the office. I live excitement. Ha!

2011-03-15 2:15:36pm

New webcam working

2011-03-14 11:09:18pm

Feeling jet lagged, and I didn't go anywhere.

2011-03-11 2:14:27pm

Another day at the office

2011-03-04 10:08:14pm

At the office, wrapping up work before the weekend

2011-02-28 2:13:15pm

Another Monday at the office, another not so great hair day.

2011-02-25 5:35:07pm

At the office

2011-02-25 5:25:50pm

profile pic